Distributed ways of working and virtual platforms have transformed our work life. While it has created many new possibilities, it comes with many challenges as well. In physical space, our days had some variety and boundaries. We walked from one meeting to another, we took a lunch break in the canteen, we ran into a colleague and quickly went for coffee. We could catch on reading on our commute to work. We had little routines and rituals that helped us transition between different roles and identities. Now, for many of us, our days feel like a monotonous blur, leading to high levels of burn-out and other wellbeing related issues. In our session we will explore the impact this has on our capacity to engage creatively and at optimal performance, and what learn from the worlds of complexity and mindfulness to help us be intentional about how we work.


We will cover things like:

  • exhaustion vs depletion and the importance of a sense of coherence
  • the importance of boundaries and creating capacity (do your BESD)
  • intentional transition rituals to ensure people are fully present
  • single-tasking
  • practical mindfulness exercises you can apply in workshops



  • Sonja Blignaut
  • Casper Oelofsen