You are biased. We *all* are. It’s completely normal and a part of ourselves that we need to not only accept, but also acknowledge. Those biases are based out of our life experiences: upbringing, education, political ideologies, our social circles and so many other factors. In the current state of the world, our biases can potentially be even stronger since we spend less time around people different than us and more communicating through a computer screen. This new remote and hybrid culture can either further the divisions among us or help us be more understanding, garner greater perspective and be more connected to one another. How is that possible? With empathy.


This talk helps audiences define empathy on their own terms in order to engage it better with others. Most importantly, audiences will be able to identify the tools needed to create a culture of empathy – where perspective taking and understanding are the central themes in every aspect of work – on their remote, hybrid and in person teams.



  • Sharon Steed