Workshop: Connect from anywhere – bringing teams together worldwide

90 minutes | 19h30 UTC | Track: Supporting Others

In this highly interactive workshop, step through a method to help teams craft a shared identity and purpose. Using rapport building exercise as a foundation we’ll move through how to generate a team purpose, raising awareness of personal needs and behavioural standards shared by a team. This method is a curated set of practices distilled from over 100 years of collective experience in helping organisations bring humanity to work. All materials used in the workshop will be made available to the attendees so they can make use of them in their own contexts.

Learning Outcomes:

  • how to surface a team identity using a rapport based activity align purpose to team identity
  • establish an understanding of personal needs within the team environment
  • surface technical constraints and opportunities
  • facilitate powerful discussions about behavioural expectations
  • advice around facilitating the method with minimised synchronous work

About John

Vice President, Customer | remote:af

John is a co-creator of the Remote Agility Framework. Motivated by enabling autonomy through trust and purpose, John has supported many teams and organisations to become self-sufficient within their context. He is enthusiastic about pragmatically blending various approaches to context and is passionate about holding space for empathy in business.

John Tooth

Vice President, Customer | remote:af