Show and Tell: Sharing techniques and tools

90 minutes | 10h10 UTC | Track: Developing Ourselves

We’d like to invite you to join us in creating a SHOW AND TELL with this community’s favourite remote facilitation activities/sessions.

We’re constantly inspired and amazed by the work others are doing and so we’ve chosen this format as a way for people to share inspiration and learn from one another.

How this will work:

We’re asking that you bring a small exercise/activity/session you loved and are willing to share with the group. It can be a virtual format you’d like to show, a story from a session you’d love to tell or something you’d like to test out.  We’ll have a few rounds of sharing in pairs Not sure if you have something to share? Everything is entirely optional – so if you would just like to join us to observe and explore, you are most welcome too!


  • Kirsten Clacey
  • Joanne Perold

About Kirsten

Facilitator Coach | Automattic

Kirsten Clacey is a professional Facilitator and Coach. Her neuropsychology background coupled with extensive experience gives her a unique perspective on humans and systems. Her strength lies in building quality relationships and her desire to treat everyone she meets with fairness and genuine curiosity. Kirsten shares her knowledge by speaking at worldwide events and is the co-author of The Remote Facilitator’s Pocket Guide.

More info:

About Joanne

Agile coach | eyeo

Joanne is a globally acclaimed Agile Coach, trainer, keynote speaker and facilitator. She’s held senior leadership roles for many years and uses this experience in her work with executives. She leverages her deep understanding of complexity and systems thinking to bring holistic perspectives to the organisations she partners with. She also has one of the cutest (and possibly neediest) lab cross ridgeback who adds a little extra sunshine to calls with Jo.

Kirsten Clacey

Facilitator Coach | Automattic

Joanne Perold

Agile coach | eyeo