With over two decades of experience in agile principles and practices, Mark Kilby boldly coaches where others feel it’s impossible.  His years of experience with remote, hybrid-remote and distributed agile teams is captured in his book co-authored with Johanna Rothman, From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams.  Mark also co-founded a number of professional learning organizations such as Agile Orlando, Agile Florida, Virtual Team Talk, Remote Together, and the Agile Alliance Community Group Support Initiative to build sustainable collaboratively learning communities.  Currently, he’s capturing and sharing his way of working with his partner, April Jefferson, in an upcoming book and monthly learning journeys at http://mobilitymindset.life.  It’s also rumored that Mark is a mentor, consultant, international speaker, facilitator, proud father of three, a loving husband for more than 25 years, a Florida native (an endangered species), and former rocket scientist.

Mark Kilby