Pholisa Fatyela

Talk: Becoming Remote

60 minutes | 09h00 UTC Main Stage

codeX is a training organization that places very high value on collaboration and interaction. Working with new-to-tech candidates based in under-resourced communities, we tackle a number of constraints and rely deeply on individual and group mentoring to create lasting transformation. We had never pictured being able to deliver the programme via remote channels. Forced out of our co-located complacency, this is the story of our journey from dedicatedly in-person to successfully blended and fully remote.


About Pholisa

Mentor at codeX

An inspiring young woman in tech. Code mentor at codeX, she works with people who want to get into the tech industry to make their moves forward in a guided and thoughtful manner. She believes that with every youth helped, she is contributing to a person’s upliftment, a community and to the ecosystem as a whole.

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