Talk: Asynchronous workshops – could they be the best format for widely distributed teams?

60 minutes | 12h00 UTC | Main Stage

Let’s face it, it’s impossible to all work together remotely when a team is in China, another in the US and a third is in Europe. To better exchange insights and opinions and to break the mould of the in-person workshops which doesn’t translate as-is to remote across timezones, I will introduce you to the concept of asynchronous workshops, based on a shared document set up and curated by a dedicated facilitator, and where everyone can come in their own timezone to contribute to everyone’s success. Rather than all talking at each other, asynchronous workshops allow everyone to take in contributions and add their own insights, knowledge and direction, while everyone is framed by a format that allows less often heard voices to rise up and be noticeable. I will cover when to use the asynchronous format, as well as how to set it up for success.

About Sophie

User experience, agile and innovation consultant

Sophie is a user experience, agile and innovation consultant based in Europe and busy worldwide. She shares her extensive designer, trainer and coach experience through targeted, game-changing engagements. Sophie is passionate about people happily contributing their best and working well together, with focus and a clear sense of purpose, on products and services that firmly serve genuine user needs and goals. She helps businesses make sense of design, and design teams perform optimally in the organisation.

Sophie Freiermuth

User experience, agile and innovation consultant